I am putting my mind at rest

I am a person who never gets rest, is always in motion, if not physically, then mentally, constantly thinking about something, solving problems, sometimes creating them first and then trying to solve, haha.

Do you know this phrase that Americans use to say – “we work hard and we play hard”? If you work hard, you must get a good rest, otherwise you’ll get something less pleasant, like a heart attack or a depression.

The second part of the phrase is something I have never been good at. When I am not working, I am engaged in many other activities such as organizing something, implementing new ideas, creating websites, writing this blog, etc.

… And there came this day, when I realized that all I currently want and need is some rest! Continue reading I am putting my mind at rest

Technology Negative, Nature Positive

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After a week in the U.S. where I have been walking for a completely minimal amount of time (car – office – car – restaurant – car – home), I woke up today and felt the urge to walk outside, no matter where I’d go. The weather was like during Northern Norway’s summer, cloudy, chilly and windy, around +12 Celsius, so I’ve all dressed up in a thermal underwear and stepped outside. I was so determined about my need to walk that my husband said he’s willing to go with me, though he wanted to stay on the sofa and watch TV. Continue reading Technology Negative, Nature Positive

How To Find Your Calling – My Own Experiments

Intro: This is a bit of a retrospective blog post. I don’t pretend to know how to find your calling, I am trying to find what may work for me based on my own life examples. Maybe it can also work for you, and I am looking forward to your comments!

As I was sitting in a hot thermal pool in Hungary near the Romanian border, I started thinking about my new endeavour, video making. A new hobby, again. I have been trying tons of hobbies in my life. If you’d ask me, what I was doing in the evenings after school, then university and finally work, since childhood, I will tell you that I have been playing 3 musical instruments, learning to dance 3 different dances, drawing, playing ping pong, tennis, running, cycling, doing yoga, etc, etc.

And I was hoping I would finally find just one, little, but my own calling among all my occupations. I would immediately feel that this is it, this is something I want to do until the rest of my life, and I won’t need anything else. Continue reading How To Find Your Calling – My Own Experiments

How I Hacked Myself To Be Happier

Cute Happy Cat Cleaning
This is our cat Luke having a happy moment

From time to time I’m asking myself the same question again – what is happiness and how can I feel it more often?

Since childhood I felt different from the other kids. I started reading at the age of 4 and loved it so much that it stayed one of my most favorite activities for years.

I can’t say I spent little time with friends back in my childhood, but I know that at a certain age I realized that actually the majority of my peers made me feel bored or stressed. Only a small insignificant amount of them energized and motivated me. Continue reading How I Hacked Myself To Be Happier