Start Your Day Just Right – One Thing That Will Make You Happier

How you start your day, matters a lot. For those of you who remember their dreams, have you ever noticed that a dream that you just had before waking up, sets the mood for the rest of the day? Or a song that you hear right after opening your eyes will chase you until the evening?

When we are in a half-awake state, an alpha-state of mind, we let the information go straight into our brain, we don’t have filters activated yet. So whatever comes to your mind as the first thing in the morning, will take root there and will influence your whole day if not beyond that.

So there are many opinions on how to start your day right. Some people say, start your day with meditation. Others say, start your day with a physical exercise. Some say, start your day with writing your journal.

I would say – start your day with READING things that make you energized.

what will make you happier
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I’ve tried meditating – I was falling asleep again.

I’ve been exercising – it was a pain to get up when I could hardly open my eyes.

I’ve been writing my journal – it was extremely unproductive. No new ideas, empty mind.

But when I start my day with reading my favorite blogs, that’s the fastest way to get the positive energy for the rest of the day! I have a list of websites I follow, some of them I am also subscribed to, so I definitely find something to read in my inbox in the morning. If not, I go directly to their websites and check if there is a new stuff out there.

If you don’t have a list of interesting blogs to read yet, start gathering blogs you enjoy reading, and either subscribing to them, or bookmarking.

What morning routine do you have?

Mine is following:

– waking up somewhat before 7am

– cuddling with my husband a bit until I can properly open my eyes

– grabbing my iPad next to me and start reading blogs of people I enjoy

Important is to set the time limit if you feel you are going to get too much involved. 15-10 minutes is usually ok, unless you get energized earlier 🙂

By the way:

“Read. A lot”.

The Warren Buffet’s formula how to get smarter.

He spends reading and thinking 80% of his day. Isn’t it inspiring?

So by starting your day with reading the right things, you are getting not only happier, but also smarter 😉