How to Get a Bunch of New Ideas In Just Half An Hour

How to Get a Bunch of New Ideas In Just Half An Hour

For years, I’ve been having problems with getting asleep in the evening. I’ve been lying in the dark with my eyes closed, but my brain was working like insane. Producing new, sometimes totally crazy ideas. Sometimes I’ve been fighting with it using Jose Silva method (which worked by the way), the other days I’ve turned on the lights and put my ideas on paper.

For years, I’ve thought I was a night owl.

Until I’ve realized that I’ve been drinking 1 cup of a strong black tea just 15 minutes before I went to bed every day.

Now I know what is the science behind my “being an owl” phenomenon.

A really good black tea stimulates your brain activity with theine (do you know that theine is actually the same as caffeine? 🙂 ) And when you are switching the light off and closing your eyes, you are limiting your perception just to your thoughts and feelings. It’s the state which can be close to meditating. But instead of a thoughtless state, it produces a thousand ideas state which you can use wisely!

So, the proved guideline to get as many ideas as possible in just half an hour is:

1. buy yourself a really good black loose leaf tea

2. make yourself a cup of medium to strong tea

3. sit quietly, detach from the outer world and try to meditate

=> Ideas will pop of you out like crazy.

Happy idea production!

Try it yourself, come back and share your experience!

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