It’s Never Too Late To Become An Entrepreneur

Tell me frankly, are you overwhelmed by these young lucky bastards like Mark Zuckerberg who are earning millions having hardly finished a university? Have you ever thought it’s too late for you to start your own business or to work like insane in order to become rich some time in the future?

I have, and it drives me crazy that I am already 30, successfully finished the university, worked for 8 years in a row, have no kids and still haven’t become a rich chick. I am a type of a person who is always in a rush to conquer new peaks, but I seldom realize that I just might not be ready for that. It takes time. 

As my friend says, women in their 20s are not mature enough to give wisdom back to others, instead we are better at learning and absorbing knowledge. I have met girls under 30 who strive to be perceived knowledgeable about life matters, but that just doesn’t sound right. I remember the time when I haven’t had a partner before, but I was already expressing my own point of view on a relationship. When I look back, I understand that my judgement was totally false (of course). You have to experience a lot of things before you become a leader others will want to follow.

What do you think is an average age of entrepreneurs earning over $1 million? If you look at Mark Zuckerberg or Larry Page, you might think it’s below 30. Surprisingly, it’s not. The research shows that generally the median of founders’ age when they started their successful company was 40.  (Research found at

Employees aged 47 – 58 earn the most in the United States. Take a look at the chart:

The 1 Percent (and 0.1 Percent) for Every Age

The chart shows how much people earn based on their salaries / wages.

Out of the general number women account for:

  • 49 percent of the bottom 99 percent
  • 11 percent of the 1 percent (not including the top 0.1 percent)
  • 9 percent of the top 0.1 percent

I don’t know, but it seems to me that us women start blooming closer to the age of 40, as we gain the right knowledge, wisdom, experience and self-confidence.

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