men are discriminated

Men Are Discriminated

Today I’ve woken up with the thought – men in business are discriminated. There is an enormous buzz around female entrepreneurs, female founders, women empowerment, etc., but do we balance it with a similar buzz around men? No. Maybe I am mistaken. Correct me if I am wrong – do you know of any men-only organization around business? I know at least a dozen business and startup women organizations and communities. I’ve even created one as a Facebook group and didn’t let a single man join it. 

10 years ago, when I was living in Ukraine, this buzz around women only started there, and a friend of mine, Michael, a sociology student, was telling me, ok, now everybody talks women discrimination, what about men? Aren’t we thus discriminating men? I took that as a joke back then, but now it is a reality!

I simply googled keywords “male entrepreneur” and a “male entrepreneur club” and all the 100% results were about female entrepreneurs. 9 results on the first page of google, all about female entrepreneurs and none about specifically male entrepreneurship!

I know, you’d say that it’s women who are discriminated, and business is still all men’s. But if you are a man, how’d you feel when everybody around talks women and female? And if you want to work with other males, without women, you are ostracized?

In my humble opinion, it results in men’s feminization. In the IT world, the world I get in touch with every day, men started to be more gentle, more cautious, more women-like. The Internet is shouting about women’s femininity in business. Both men and women tell female entrepreneurs, don’t act like men, act like women, be feminine.

Who’ll tell male entrepreneurs to be more masculine? This is a nonsense nowadays. However, I already feel that men need to be protected from all this incredible women discrimination buzz. Men need to develop their masculinity with all its attributes like strength, vigour, courage, assertiveness, muscles finally! Men have to create their own clubs where no woman will be invited. And this needs to be considered totally normal. We need to bring the balance back.

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2 thoughts on “Men Are Discriminated”

  1. Hi my friend, I agree with you on some points, but at the end you mentioned, we need to bring the balance back.. This won’t happen until women take what belong to them, just one sample, besides Germany, how many women are at charge of the most whealty countries? An even if women start taking important roles, it should last decades if not centuries, before we can argue we have reached balance. Greetings!!!

    1. Rodrigo, happy to hear from you! I still think that women are not in charge (in the developed countries), because they don’t want it as much as men. I see tons of ambitious men but only a handful of ambitious women. My thought is that there is no women discrimination in developed countries, but there is a difference in male and female approach to competing for the big business. How does it work in Mexico? Are women similarly competitive as men, or less?

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