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How To Find Your Calling – My Own Experiments

Intro: This is a bit of a retrospective blog post. I don’t pretend to know how to find your calling, I am trying to find what may work for me based on my own life examples. Maybe it can also work for you, and I am looking forward to your comments!

As I was sitting in a hot thermal pool in Hungary near the Romanian border, I started thinking about my new endeavour, video making. A new hobby, again. I have been trying tons of hobbies in my life. If you’d ask me, what I was doing in the evenings after school, then university and finally work, since childhood, I will tell you that I have been playing 3 musical instruments, learning to dance 3 different dances, drawing, playing ping pong, tennis, running, cycling, doing yoga, etc, etc.

And I was hoping I would finally find just one, little, but my own calling among all my occupations. I would immediately feel that this is it, this is something I want to do until the rest of my life, and I won’t need anything else. Not at all. I am thirty right now and still no such a feeling.

You would be surprised, but sometimes I regret that I love to try out many different things in life. I know people who enjoy just one thing. Just one, and that’s it. Programming, for example. They love sitting in front of their computers and coding. Eventually they become great programmers, earn hundreds of thousands of dollars, which they don’t really need, and are happy living tHe life of their dreams.

I am on a 9 to 5 job, working as a scrum master in a big big company. Is it my calling? I don’t know. How does it feel to live the life of your dreams? Can this be experienced by everybody? Maybe I am living the life of my dreams already now? Maybe that’s what it feels like? I can’t tell.

Maybe life is just “normal”. And living the life of your dreams is just “ok“. You are content and that’s it, no strong feelings of happiness or joy every day, as well as no strong feelings of dissatisfaction. You are in a balance.

But then I recalled myself choosing a bike a year ago. This can serve as an analogy to finding your calling.

I am a person who carefully chooses things I purchase based on parameters important to me. As for the bike, these were things like price, quality, comfort of sitting and comfort of spinning the pedals.  It may sound strange, but do you know how hard was it to find a bike that meets these simple requirements? I tried out around 15 different bikes in different shops across the city, and I was sorry to realize I was getting on my husband’s nerves as well as on sellers’. But I just couldn’t buy something that wouldn’t be the best out of available options.

Good news is that I finally found it. The bike was cheap, of the right quality for my needs, and I felt very comfortable riding it. I have it for 2 years now and I have never regretted buying it.

Sitting in the warm thermal water I was thinking, maybe it was a success story which proved that it’s possible to find your calling by trying out all the things that you thought might suit you? My heart is now saying, definitely. You just have to try out everything like crazy.

Unless, you are looking for something that doesn’t exist. Being too romantic and idealistic can spoil every experience. When I was a kid, I thought that what Hollywood directors choose to show in their movies is the reality. I realize only now that it’s a partial truth. But the truth mixed up with lies is never the truth. Partial truth from media combined with personal idealistic perception of the world like mine can make one an unhappy person. That’s why I will be explaining my future kids that they can’t take movies and books seriously. It’s just a one person perception of the world and it’s two-dimensional. One can’t get the whole picture even when analyzing themselves. The second thing is, so many people, so many different perceptions. You just can’t compare yourself to other people.

This makes me think of the following.

It IS POSSIBLE to find your calling if you are going to work in two directions:

accepting the way YOU feel and experience things and realizing that this is the only right way. Forbid yourself comparing yourself to others. As the time goes by, it should be possible to understand what is relevant to you, what is normal for you, what are your peaks, what makes YOU feel superb and what makes YOU feel miserable.

trying out all the things that come to your mind on the way to finding your calling. Recently I exchanged a couple of comments with a talented woman whose blog I accidentally stumbled upon online. She is a 3D designer, and she was saying she had tryed all kinds of things before she found a 3D design. All other hobbies just made her feel bored. This is her own experience, but it might be an inspiration for us seekers.

Search and you will find, as the Bible says, is the principle I believe in. Dreams come true. If you want something, you shall get it. This is my truth, and I hope, yours, too!

P.S. When I was searching a photo for this post, I found the one which I can look at for ever, thanks to vgm8383. Posting it once again here for you to enjoy.

FInd your calling

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