How Planning Your Year Will Make You Happier

After I had achieved one bigger goal I was stuck – what am I going to do further? I seemed to be doing something, but I was seldom satisfied with the outcome. I was fighting with that by reading esoteric stuff, meditation stuff (but not so much doing it), doing yoga, writing a journal, I was going up and down, and there was no evident improvement.

How Planning Your Year Will Make You Happier

Up until this year. I finally understood what was making me not so much satisfied with my life. Funny, but it doesn’t sound huge. It was just as simple as … planning. Continue reading How Planning Your Year Will Make You Happier

How To Kick Off The Self-Doubt Feeling When You Are Starting From Scratch

How To Overcome Self-Doubt Feeling

Image Credit to Yaniv under the license

Have you ever experienced waves of self-doubt when you’ve just stepped on a new path?  When you question yourself – is it really what I am supposed to be doing? What if I fail and the time I spend on it, the most precious resource I have, will be lost?

Surprisingly, this feeling often strikes highly educated and knowledgeable people, because here all your education and intelligence can work against you. I’ve studied economics for 6 years at a university and have been working as a project manager for over 5 years now, and it has become a rule for me to evaluate each and every option before I take it.

That’s one thing if you know the formula and you know the acceptance criteria to validate your calculations against. But the catch is, and it’s important to realize it, that when you are starting a new business or a startup, you never know what the end result will be. Continue reading How To Kick Off The Self-Doubt Feeling When You Are Starting From Scratch

We expect our medications to make us healthier and better

It is frustrating that society entrusts their health and well being to physicians, medical personnel, and pharmaceutical companies, only to be betrayed by improperly tested and dangerous drugs. We expect our medications to make us healthier and better, not to hurt or damage our bodies; and even worse, kill us. So how do we trust that the medications we take are safe? Here are some common long term side effects of dangerous drugs that were introduced into the market in the past few years:.

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You may find many designs but they all provide the same

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