Men Are Discriminated

Today I’ve woken up with the thought – men in business are discriminated. There is an enormous buzz around female entrepreneurs, female founders, women empowerment, etc., but do we balance it with a similar buzz around men? No. Maybe I am mistaken. Correct me if I am wrong – do you know of any men-only organization around business? I know at least a dozen business and startup women organizations and communities. I’ve even created one as a Facebook group and didn’t let a single man join it.  Continue reading Men Are Discriminated

Would You Wear A Motherboard?

I met Natalka via my Facebook group “Russian-Speaking Community in Slovakia“. I only knew we both are from Ukraine and share the same political views. Later, when I’ve created another Facebook community for female entrepreneurs and those who wanted to become such, she also joined that group, so I’ve said to myself – that’s interesting, we should definitely meet together in person!

I went ahead and reached out to her asking for a face-to-face meeting just to talk about her business, life views, impression from emigration to Slovakia and such.

So, a couple days ago we spent a lovely day in Piestany, a nice small town close to Bratislava, where she’s currently living with her family, a husband and a 5-year-old son.

I’ll shut up and let her talk here for a while, interrupting just to ask a question once in a while 🙂 Continue reading Would You Wear A Motherboard?