How To Find Your Calling – My Own Experiments

Intro: This is a bit of a retrospective blog post. I don’t pretend to know how to find your calling, I am trying to find what may work for me based on my own life examples. Maybe it can also work for you, and I am looking forward to your comments!

As I was sitting in a hot thermal pool in Hungary near the Romanian border, I started thinking about my new endeavour, video making. A new hobby, again. I have been trying tons of hobbies in my life. If you’d ask me, what I was doing in the evenings after school, then university and finally work, since childhood, I will tell you that I have been playing 3 musical instruments, learning to dance 3 different dances, drawing, playing ping pong, tennis, running, cycling, doing yoga, etc, etc.

And I was hoping I would finally find just one, little, but my own calling among all my occupations. I would immediately feel that this is it, this is something I want to do until the rest of my life, and I won’t need anything else. Continue reading How To Find Your Calling – My Own Experiments

How I Hacked Myself To Be Happier

Cute Happy Cat Cleaning
This is our cat Luke having a happy moment

From time to time I’m asking myself the same question again – what is happiness and how can I feel it more often?

Since childhood I felt different from the other kids. I started reading at the age of 4 and loved it so much that it stayed one of my most favorite activities for years.

I can’t say I spent little time with friends back in my childhood, but I know that at a certain age I realized that actually the majority of my peers made me feel bored or stressed. Only a small insignificant amount of them energized and motivated me. Continue reading How I Hacked Myself To Be Happier