How to Get a Bunch of New Ideas In Just Half An Hour

How to Get a Bunch of New Ideas In Just Half An Hour

For years, I’ve been having problems with getting asleep in the evening. I’ve been lying in the dark with my eyes closed, but my brain was working like insane. Producing new, sometimes totally crazy ideas. Sometimes I’ve been fighting with it using Jose Silva method (which worked by the way), the other days I’ve turned on the lights and put my ideas on paper.

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How To Say NO To New Ideas Now

This March I have created a yearly plan for the first time of my life. I felt tremendous energy and excitement, because I’ve finally realized and shaped my goals and they became more tangible. Finally I could envision them!

However, as it often happens, once you choose your path, the Universe starts tempting you to leave it by sending you other offers. Every now and then you are getting offered Eve’s apples which seem to look far more attractive than your own kiwis or whatever you have there on your chosen path. You immediately become covered with a fog of a new idea and nothing seems more perspective and shiny as this new opportunity! This is *huge*! – that’s all you can think about at that moment.

Does that sound familiar to you?

I’ll tell you – I experience it all the time! If you are an easy starter, this may become quite a challenge! By the way, there is a scientific background behind this one called a “fear of missing out”. In a nutshell, it’s the fear that we have made the wrong decision on how to spend our time, as “you can imagine how things could be different”.

So, how do I personally fight a temptation?

My recipe of saying no to new distracting ideas:

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